What is it good for?

Many People ask me how to get in shape other than running, I tell them to buy yourself a Skipping rope. Many people overlook the powers of skipping but the benefits of this activity aren’t limited to recess-time entertainment. As an adult, you can skip to bump up your fitness and make running easier. Like running, skipping is a great high impact workout and it compliments running quite nicely. That’s especially because it uses many of the same muscle groups. This activity has leg muscles in constant motion and is great for working the calves, quads, core and glutes (muscles runners rely on) as well as the shoulders, biceps and triceps which runners sometimes ignore. Slip this into your routine to get in cardio while actually gaining strength in your upper body. Side note: It’s also a great on-the-go activity for travel or when you can’t get outside.

In terms of calories burned, some sources suggest that a 81kg person could burn 980 calories if jumping at a fast pace for an hour. That person would have to run 9.5K in an hour to burn 815 calories. (That said, take into account that running and skipping paces can vary.) And like running, this is a higher impact movement though many claim that it puts less stress on the knees than your daily run.

Skipping alone improves cardio and also strengthens up the calves hips and thighs. 

So what are you waiting for? Buy one today. Go to the Store. Skipping Rope

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