Deep Water Running

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Deep Water Running

Deep Water Running is a great tool for Athletes in Rehab and Athletes who want an alternate workout to complement their Training. 

(DWR) provides you with an additional and effective quality session without the impact stress of the road. It's like a 'bonus' workout in your program. When combined with core strength and stability work, you get 60 minutes of productive training without the fatigue of a road or trail session. 

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First, runners should use a flotation belt while aqua jogging if they wish to preserve “normal” biomechanics. While aqua jogging without a belt is certainly possible, you have to adopt a “high knee” gait with a rapid stride turnover to stay afloat. This high-knee style of aqua jogging demands more energy, and therefore might be a better workout, but comes at the cost of running specificity. A “cross country” style gait, where the leg sweeps back at a larger angle and the foot “pushes” down at the bottom of the stride, much like in real running. Your stride frequency with this cross country gait in the pool will be much lower than if you were running on land. Avoid adopting too much of a forward lean, which is the most common form error in novice aqua joggers.

Try this deep water Workout. 

Warm up with 2 x 50m Laps of Pool. 

  • High Knees 50% 1 Mins
  • Rest 30 Seconds
  • High Knees 80% 1 Mins
  • Rest 30 Seconds
  • High Knees 100% 30 Seconds

1 x 50m up 25m and back to start. 

  • Butt Kicks 50% 1 Mins
  • Rest 30 Seconds
  • Butt Kicks 80% 1 Mins
  • Rest 30 Seconds
  • Butt Kicks 100% 30 Seconds

1 x 50m up 25m and back to start. 

2 x 25m at 50%

2 x 25m at 80%

Go to Shallow End of pool

  • Walking Lunges x 25m
  • Frog Jumps x 25m
  • Calf Raises x 50
  • Side Lunge x 25m

Cool down 2 x 50m Laps of Pool Easy

Another added tool to aid your DWR is getting an upper body workout is the Floatation Dumbells which are a real great heart Starter. Click on the Link to get yours online.