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Deep Water Running is a great tool for Athletes in Rehab and Athletes who want an alternate workout to complement their Training.  (DWR) provides you with an additional and effective quality session without the impact stress of the road. It's like a 'bonus' workout in your program. When combined with core strength and stability work, you get 60 minutes of productive training without the fatigue of a road or trail session.  You  can get your Deep Water Belts online here just click on the link. First, runners should use a flotation belt while aqua jogging if they wish to preserve...

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Most endurance athletes seem to be training longer and harder than ever before and recovering from these efforts seems to take longer. Most athletes take care of the physical training but miss the all important post workout window to replenish protein and carbohydrates. By using Recoverite within the first 30 minutes post workout, your recovery time will significantly decrease. Further reading on important recovery techniques can be found by a fantastic Article by Steve Born. Click Here.

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