Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

The Second best Perfect Post Workout Drink

Drink has all the nutrients the body needs to replenish itself post-workout
Protein helps the muscles recover and calories replace those burned
Experts: Milk is as good - if not better - than expensive protein shakes.

Forget the protein shakes, chocolate milk may be the best thing to drink after you workout.
Scientists have found that the beverage has all the nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself from exercising.
The protein helps the muscles recover and the calories replace those burned when you are on the treadmill.
Researchers said that chocolate milk, so long as it was a low fat brand, was the ‘gold standard for a recovery beverage’.

Oak really hits the spot when you’re hungrythirsty. An Australian favourite for more than 40 years  with its wide range of rich, creamy and authentic flavours – Oak is always the answer . Full flavor, full strength, full on.

  Post Run goodnessLoves the Chocky

The finding calls into question the popularity of protein shakes, which were once used by bodybuilders but are now consumed by ordinary people who believe they make them stronger.
As a result the ‘sport-related’ protein product industry is booming and by 2017 we will be eating and drinking millions a year of bars, drinks, and other supplements.

According to Cornell University, however, chocolate milk does just as good a job - if not better.
They sought out the best post-exercise beverage after seeing athletes overeating at night to compensate for their tough training regimes.
The team used computer software to develop a formula for the best product and combined it with advice from nutrition specialists in the athletic department.
The researchers tried adding Omega 3, the health fatty acid, into the drink but it increased the fat content too much.

They also tried adding more sugar but realized that may cause stomach problems.

So next time if your too far away from your Recoverite than go for the next best thing an Oak Classic. It has the perfect amount of Fat, Carbs, Calories and protein to keep your muscles happy. 

There are 269 calories in 1 serving of Oak Chocolate Milk.

Calorie Breakdown: 35% fat, 50% carbs, 16% prot.

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